Any disciplinary action against an employee must be taken in accordance with Newark City Police Department rules, state laws, and local public service regulations. We appreciate your time to participate in the complaint and review process. Our officers are held to the highest standards and we encourage the public to educate us on these issues. If you want to congratulate a Newark police officer for his actions, you can do so by writing a letter to his district. An employee may be subject to the following disciplinary measures if they violate the department`s rules: A complaint must be filed if you witness or have experienced a personal encounter with employees of the Newark Police Division who engage in criminal conduct, misconduct, abusive or discriminatory conduct, dereliction of duty, corrupt activity, improper conduct, or violation of Newark rules and regulations. The Police Division includes. You may be invited to testify before a criminal court or ministerial hearing if the investigation confirms your allegation against the official. Exams typically last 30 days, depending on a number of factors. This OPS is responsible for investigating complaints of serious rule violations, criminal charges, firearms discharges, vehicle traces, and monitoring employee drug testing. The OPS also investigates complaints of minor rule violations and conducts inspections and audits of district commands and their staff. Remember, the more information you provide about what happened, the better we can help you address your concerns. We take external complaints seriously and understand that public trust and participation are an integral part of policing in our society.

The complaints process should not be an awkward or overwhelming task. We accept complaints in person, by phone, letter or web form. If you can`t come to us, we can come to a place that suits you. REPORTING, INVESTIGATING AND REVIEWING VIOLENCE – 11/8/2018 The Office of Professional Standards reviews all complaints. Complaints are then assigned to a supervisor. All citizen complaints are handled by OPS investigators. Officer complaints may be handled by the OPS or referred to District Command, depending on the seriousness of the complaint. Once the in-depth investigation is completed and reviewed, a final order is issued. A thorough investigation means interviewing all witnesses, reviewing internal records, and assessing the credibility of all claims.

494 Broad Street, 1st Floor Newark, NJ 07102 (973) 733-6171 (973) 424-0163 You will be notified of the order in writing at the end of the investigation. It will be sent both by registered mail and by mail to the address you have provided. POLICY ON THE INTAKE AND INVESTIGATION PROCESS – 29.08.19 The primary mission of this Office of Professional Standards (PAHO) is to oversee the actions and conduct of employees of the Newark Police Division and to ensure compliance with department rules and regulations, policies, municipal ordinances, and state and federal laws. PAHO`s other tasks include investigating cases of corruption within the police department and other authorities, threatening city officials, and coordinating with external investigative authorities. L.G.B.T.Q. Community & Police interactions policy – 4/03/2019 Immigrants who wish to file a complaint will NOT be asked about their immigration status. Empowered by the community, we are committed to improving the quality of life and fostering a sense of security so that the citizens of the City of Newark can live, work, be educated and prosper. We maintain public trust by adhering to the highest standards of performance and integrity. We, the men and women of the police service who represent the diverse culture of this city, are committed to setting a new standard of excellence in law enforcement and service to our community. Although the recommended method of filing a complaint is to address internal issues in the 1.

Complaints can also be filed to respond to 494 Broad Street, Newark, NJ, 07102: we accept anonymous complaints, complaints from third parties and complaints from unaccompanied minors (although we prefer young people to involve their parents). General orders from the Newark Police Division (NDP), issued under the supervision of the Director of Public Safety, set out NDP policies and procedures. These policies and procedures serve to maintain professionalism and include the NDP`s commitment to strengthening community partnerships, working constructively with the community, ensuring collaborative problem solving and building community trust in the Department. The NDP is working with the Department of Justice, the Independent Observer and the municipality to develop and adopt new directives in response to the mandates of the consent order. These guidelines are listed below for your review. Please leave your comments using the link below. We, the members of the Department of Public Safety Police Service, exist to serve the diverse population in our area of responsibility with respect, fairness and sensitivity. We are committed to protecting life and property; crime prevention and respect for constitutional guarantees. EARLY WARNING SYSTEM/PERFORMANCE MONITORING PROGRAMME PROJECT – 10/05/2018.