Exceptions are items that do not come from a volume contract. Three products are sold as a product key (alternatively as a key card). These are “Office Home & Student”, “Home & Business” as well as “Office 365 Personal” and “Office 365 Home”. Here you need to explicitly make sure that these products can only be installed and activated via office.com/setup. If not, you should be very critical. Microsoft Certificates of Authenticity can only be used to identify products, especially PCs or DVDs, with Microsoft`s permission. Below are examples of legal labeling of products such as PCs with COA: So I kept searching on Google and came across masses of offers for “Professional Plus 2019”, with the same reach as “Professional”. This is available for €188.09 or €17.94, and everything in between. A quick search shows that these are volume licenses and you only buy the product key. I wouldn`t care, as long as it has the features I want and the price is reasonable.

There are always decent German dealers behind the offer. Nevertheless, I would be skeptical about legalization with a current operating system or Office for less than €20. In private, however, nothing happens anyway. The validity of an Office product depends on the type of license. A perpetual license provides unlimited and unrestricted use of the applications included in the scope of the software. This means that there is no expiration date. Only official support for the Office variant is discontinued after a few years by the manufacturer Microsoft and updates are no longer provided. Subscriptions provide you with regular updates and premium support. If you don`t decide to cancel, a subscription will provide you with the latest versions of proven Office applications, all updates, and the best service for years to come.

Counterfeit data carriers are still offered for sale that deceptively resemble originals. The sale of counterfeit goods is, of course, illegal and generally punishable. Information on the design of the original Microsoft software is available here. Almost every day, customers ask us why Microsoft Office licenses are so “expensive.” After all, you can buy them from other providers for 10-20 euros. If you are looking for a license for Microsoft Office products, too often you will come across such cheap offers, become aware and wonder how such a price difference can occur and where is the catch? It is a good idea to buy the latest versions (2016) of Microsoft Office products, although Office 2010 or 2013 offer good savings potential. Both products with the same version Home and Student, Home and Business have the most important applications. If you choose 2010, you can save money, but you will lose some of the important updates. With 2013, you save a little and yet you get the most popular features of the latest version of Microsoft Office.

If you look carefully at these supposedly bargain keys, you will notice that these keys in the respective stores contain only inaccurate product information and do not have an official manufacturer number, but at most an internal store item number. This is one of the most obvious indications of an unofficial sale of Office keys. However, if you are still using these product keys, you should expect the Office package to be disabled. This is not the legal acquisition of a license, only the product key was transmitted illegally. In the event of an audit, Office products must be purchased new and legally licensed. Of course, they can be sold individually www.ratgeberrecht.eu/urheberrecht-aktuell/bgh-zur-aufsplittung-von-volumenlizenzen.html On marketplaces, price comparison sites, and in various online stores, you will find offers at a fraction of the prices of Microsoft itself. In most cases, these keys come from Microsoft volume licenses for business customers – Office Standard or Office ProPlus. Volume Licensing is a licensing model specifically for enterprises that allows multiple licenses and provides product keys for multiple use on different devices. This allows Office products to be used quickly and easily on a variety of computers without having to invest a great deal of effort in activating the software by the company`s IT department and Microsoft support.

Cheap license key providers take advantage of this. Product keys are obtained in Microsoft licensing programs. Product keys from companies or institutions, schools and authorities are sold and used several times. Sometimes all volume licenses are even made for resale in the name of a company or institution. Even if the resale of so-called “used licenses” is considered legal, it should be kept in mind that these licenses and the associated license agreement must be accepted by the licensee (as stated in the license agreement). A contract is always concluded only by acceptance. Therefore, suppose there is no valid license if you do not need to provide consent under a license agreement for volume licensing agreements or products under those agreements. Typically, this is done in the manufacturer`s licensing portal. Buy Microsoft Office cheaply and legally and start the same day with instant download – Licensequeen is your reliable online store for downloading software! Zl; NG: How do I know if Microsoft Office is legally available? The illegality no longer seems to apply, even if exactly these two articles bravely hold up in the search results. You can activate the perpetual license by purchasing an Office Home and Student 2021 key. When you choose Microsoft 365 Home or Microsoft 365 Single, you get all the benefits of the subscription model with premium support and the latest features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

The main difference between Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Single is mainly the number of users.